Images from Tracey Warr and Bruce Gilchrist’s workshop

…’collaborative practices and diverse modes of art writing and an exercise enabling workshop participants to actively explore what happens in the exchange between writers and artists’


Translating- Pairing Practices: exploring the relationship of writing to art and design practices at research level

June 23 sees a day of celebration of the ten-year anniversary of Writing Purposefully in Art and Design with its Journal of Writing in Creative Practice (Intellect).

We interpret ‘pairing practices’ in two ways:- the pairing of writing with art /design practices, and pairs of researchers/practitioners who are facilitating workshops and conversations.

We anticipate the day to be one of relaxed exploration and openness with exchanges of individual experience, an abundance of directions, some real difficulties and some genuine questions. We aim for a more lateral than hierarchical structure in a grass roots development across research, disciplines and institutions.

Co-ordinators: Brigit Connolly with Harriet Edwards